How to turn your smartphone into remote control for hearing aid

Smartphone and hearing aid remote control

As smartphones and hearing aids become more sophisticated, the number of apps allowing users to link them seamlessly keeps growing—and the trend shows no sign of slowing.

Millions of people having a hearing problem and they have to face them as well but now there are lots of advanced technologies and new features are upcoming with hearing aid devices so people can easily improve their hearing and speech-language. Let me tell you something about hearing loss as we experienced,

Hearing loss is the one of the most common disorder in which people have lost the ability of hearing. Hearing loss is also known as hearing impairment. Hearing loss can occur at any age there is no particular time or age. It can be caused by aging, infection, loud music etc. There is a different type of hearing loss occurs among people.

Smartphones as remote controls

With the right app, a smartphone becomes a hearing aid user’s direct interface to her devices—a remote control. Click here to get information about smartphone apps can help patients connect to their environment in a variety of ways and improve their connection to the acoustic world—and more are on the way.

While it is exciting that hearing instruments have become smaller and more fashionable, the buttons have also become smaller, or are non-existent, which can show difficulties if you want to change the way you hear.

Audiologists are all about keeping our patients stay connected to their acoustic world—to communication partners, music, environmental stimuli and all the other sounds they may have been lost. As hearing aid device and smart-phone technology advances, our ability to help patients connect expand along the side of it.

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Nowadays, not only can we help our patients in connect to sounds in their local environment, we have more chances than ever to expand their audible sounds world by connecting them to digital devices delivering music, television, telephone signals and much more. The following smart-phone applications can help patients connect to their environment in a different of manners and improve their connection to the audible world—and much more are on the way.

With the appropriate application, a smart-phone becomes a hearing aid users direct interface or medium to her devices—like a remote control. The Starkey T2 Remote application allows a Starkey hearing aid user to control the hearing aid’s volume and instruct program settings with an Apple iPhone or iPad or an Android device as users demands

The Hearing solution provides the right solution for every situation. Read here;

TV hearing aid

Remote control app

iphone hearing aid

bone conduction headphones

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